HandshoeMouse Looks Weird But Ergonomic

HandshoeMouse Looks Weird But Ergonomic

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of mice (of the computing variety) in your life before, especially gaming models that tend to come in more radical designs, but once in a while ambles a totally different looking mouse that is practical simultaneously – case in point the HandshoeMouse. It looks as though it was melted beyond recognition, but is actually an extremely ergonomic mouse that will help prevent RSI in the long run. Developed by scientists at the medical universities of Rotterdam and Maastricht, the HandshoeMouse comes in three sizes as it is widely acknowledged that different mouse sizes fit different hands, so you get to choose the right size with this. It doesn’t require any driver to work with Apple, Linux or Windows platforms, and is connected via USB offering 800dpi optical resolution. Pick one up today for 120 Euros. The HandshoeMouse definitely looks more suitable for everyday use instead of gaming.

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