Hypnos SUV Concept

Hypnos SUV Concept

This is one mind boggling concept vehicle no matter which way you look at it. The Hypnos sports-based luxury SUV has an interior that is sure to make you rub your eyes, wondering whether that last shot of Tequila Sunrise you just had was a wee bit too strong for your own good. The Hypnos has an exterior that features long, flowing lines while a short roof line offers an aggresive stance. It boasts four 22″ polished wheels to move it around, and inside you will find a rainbow of colors to greet your eye – no idea how these will distract the driver from the road, but I know I wouldn’t want to sit in a room that looks like something pulled out from Super Mario World. Each seat is made out of prism-shaped pockets which can be inflated and deflated, allowing passengers to be massaged during the trip. There is a camera located on the roof which captures and reads the facial expression of the driver so that it can change the lighting and fragrance emitted from the vents as and when necessary. The electric-powered Hypnos will use its diesel engine to recharge the batteries, and has an average fuel economy of 63 mpg. No idea whether Citroen will produce the Hypnos or not, but I think a decision is forthcoming real soon. Is it a go or no-go for you?

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