i-gotU GPS Tracker

i-gotU GPS Tracker

Needless to say trust is one of the most essential ingredients in any relationship, but if you think your partner is having some fun behind your back due to a hunch (and some evidence like unusual late nights, perfume and lipstick on a collar), then the i-gotU GPS tracker could be worth the investment for a little bit of personal sleuthing. Relying on Google Maps and Google Earth, i-gotU is able to route travel destination, take note of the exact date and even the period of time a person or vehicle remained stationary. Of course, you can also use if for less heartbreaking moments such as keeping a route of your trip to make it easier to organize images and pen down a diary when you’re back. This waterproof i-gotU GPS tracker will retail for $49.95 and comes with a 20-hour battery life.

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