Intel Slashes Chip Prices

Intel Slashes Chip Prices

Intel has decided to usher in Christmas early by slashing prices of both desktop and server chips over the weekend, partly due to the fact that the company is prepping itself to ship its first generation Nehalem processors that boast new microarchitecture for the usual marketing claims like significant performance enhancements. I wonder how these price cuts will affect AMD’s performance in the market, so we’ll need to wait until the next quarter to find out. The quad-core X3210 received a 5% discount to $188, same goes for the speedier 2.4GHz X3220. As for the desktop side, the quad-core Q8200 is now $193 after a 14% discount, while the quad-core Q6600 dropped by 5% to $183. Now would be a good time for an upgrade.

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