JVC 2D to 3D real-time video conversion

JVC 2D to 3D real-time video conversion

[CEATEC 2008] This is a trend: televisions are doing more and more processing and JVC’s 2D to 3D (stereo) conversion is yet another example of what can be done, in real-time, with videos. JVC was showing how it can convert 2D video into 3D stereo that works with (passive) polarized glasses. The demo was quite impressive: the stereo animation was crisp and didn’t exhibit too much flickering. There was some issues with the caption, but that was to be expected as JVC can’t really extract any depth information from 2D text in overlay on the video. I don’t know if that would “just work” for all video source, but this was worth looking at. Note that JVC is using a left/right (eye) image separation that I’ve never seen before. When watching without the glasses, it doesn’t look like standard stereo video (look at the photo gallery)…

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