Le Cube by Canal Plus and Fuseproject

Le Cube by Canal Plus and Fuseproject

Le Cube is an internet-connected TV receiver that is also satellite TV capable. The device has a small display that can sense whether it should rotate its content, thanks to a gyroscope. Users will interact with the nicely designed remote control. Canal+, which is a subscription-based TV network in Europe, hopes that Le Cube’s design and user interface will make consuming its services easier and more enjoyable. And chances are that it will work. Most set top boxes have a horrendous user-interface (and physical design), so Le Cube certainly has an edge there.

This device will come with the subscription and designers have made sure that it is “re-usable”, meaning that when they get it back from one customer, they can easily refurbish it to a “brand new” state (including paint) for the next customer so that the design experience doesn’t degrade with time.

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