LED graffiti magnets – The brighter side of light!

For just $9.99, you can light-up your world with a set of 20 different – LED graffiti magnets. These exquisite lights have a battery life of approximately 48 hours, and can stick onto any magnetic surface. Just pull the tab, and let the world know; how it feels to live a colorful life.

It features:

* Decorate your world with LED Graffiti that light up and stick to metal surfaces
* Each package includes 20 different LEDs:
o 4 x 10mm Red
o 4 x 10mm Blue
o 4 x 10mm Green
o 4 x 10mm Orange
o 4 x 5mm Rainbow Cycling
* Pull tab to activate. No on/off switch
* LED battery life is approximately 48 hours
* This is not a Toy. Not for children of any age

Via: GeekAlerts

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