MacBook Pro Unibody First Look

MacBook Pro Unibody First Look

ifixit has taken the spanking new MacBook Pro apart much to the chagrin of Apple lovers, and here’s but a snippet of their observations so far.

Here are the two Nvidia chips! They occupy a significant amount of the logic board. There’s no way both of these puppies could fit in a MacBook Air. The first chip is marked 37N3C2 0836B2 PB6623.S03 MCP79MXT-B2. This is the GeForce 9600M GT, which has 32 processor cores and is capable of 120 Gigaflops. The second, larger chip is marked U807B034 0827C1 NH7962.01W G96-632-C1. This is the GeForce 9400M, which only runs 16 processor cores and 54 Gigaflops.

Nice to see other people have the guts (and heart) to tear apart such a thing of beauty for the betterment of mankind.

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