Maplin Unveils Portable LCD Color TV

Maplin Unveils Portable LCD Color TV

Maplin has rolled out a new 7″ portable LCD color TV which targets people who can’t seem to live without their favorite TV programs (and boy, do they have a ton!). Featuring the ability to store and receive more than 250 analog and 999 digital channels, chances are you won’t run out of entertainment options with this. In addition, it can also double up as a digital receiver for larger TV sets, featuring a host of connectivity options to hook up to camcorders and DVD systems among others. The remote control looks rather tacky though with its garish colors, but then again at least you don’t have to reach out very far to make adjustments with it. Thanks to a vehicle cigarette power adapter, you are able to continue watching your TV programs while on the move – assuming you’re not the driver, of course. Maplin is selling this portable TV set for £100.

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