Midori-San The Blogging Plant

Midori-San  The Blogging Plant

Just in case you thought that blogging was the domain of humans only, along comes Midori-san – a Sweetheart Hoya that is able to use a sophisticated botanical interface system to blog its thoughts for all and sundry to read, from the comfort of its bowl at Donburi Cafe, Kamakura. This new plant interface system is the brainchild of Satoshi Kuribayashi at the Keio University Hiroya Tanaka Laboratory, relying on surface potential sensors to read the weak bioelectric current flowing across the surface of the leaves. This natural current has been found out to fluctuate depending on the changes in the plant’s immediate environment, ranging from temperature to humidity, vibration, electromagnetic waves and even nearby human activity. The algorithm coded will translate data into Japanese sentences that are then constructed into daily blog posts. Can’t be too exciting to be a plant, IMHO, but it would definitely be adept at picking up office gossip on who’s sleeping with who.

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