Mitsubishi Motors MMR25 Rally Racer

Mitsubishi Motors MMR25 Rally Racer

This is one mean looking vehicle from Mitsubishi Motors – the MMR25 Rally Racer. To put it in Mitsubishi’s own words, the MMR25 Rally Racer is an “all electric race car with “revolutionary” drivetrain; four lightweight, high-efficiency, in-wheel electric motors with eight supplemental motors. “More” powerful, fully recyclable batteries that can run up to 1,000 miles on a single charge. Uniform composite Nano fibers give the Lithium batteries “long” life and reduced weight; located in the center and on each side of the vehicle, positioned low to the ground for enhanced stability and a lower center of gravity. Omnidirectional wheel design with eight independently-controlled electric motors in each wheel hub. Rotational direction of the tires allows the vehicle to be driven forward while pointing the nose of the vehicle in any direction. A windowless pod for the driver, seamless 360 degree panoramic screen displaying images from outside cameras.” Definitely a ride that will attract way more looks from vixens than th average Ferrari.

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