Mobile Broadband Chips To Be Pre-installed

Mobile Broadband Chips To Be Pre-installed

SM Association (GSMA) recently announced that three parties consisting of mobile operators, PC manufacturers and chipset providers will be coming together to pre-install Mobile Broadband chips into a range of notebooks. This means all notebooks with the Mobile Broadband service mark that you see on the right are able to “switch on and surf straight out of the box in 91 countries across the world”. So far those who have jumped aboard the bandwagon include 3 Group, Asus, Dell, ECS, Ericsson, Gemalto, Lenovo, Microsoft, Orange, Qualcomm, Telef√≥nica Europe, Telecom Italia, TeliaSonera, T-Mobile, Toshiba and Vodafone. GSMA touts that these Mobile Broadband-marked notebooks will arrive in the consumer market in time for the frantic holiday shopping season.

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