Nedo stereo camera setup – cheap with awesome results

Nedo Stereo Camera Setup

[CEATEC 2008] We spotted this stereo-video demo just before going to lunch: using two consumer-level cameras (to simulate left+right eyes), Nedo can create a stereo image that looks better than anything that I’ve seen before, including the Terminator 3D stuff at Universal Studios. For one, the image is very stable (no flicker, or impression of flickering) and secondly, it is really crisp (1080p?). We could see ourselves in real-time (I’m the guy snapping the photo in the gallery) and it was just looking really good. The hardware setup seems simple and cheap, but I’m not sure how they mix the videos. If there’s a lot of demand for it, I might go back and ask them. Polarized glasses required.

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