Nike Hindsight Concept

Nike Hindsight Concept

Cyclists are often bullied on the road, so they do need to have the necessary protective equipment on before heading outdoors. The Nike Hindsight concept attempts to provide you with extended peripheral vision so that you’ll be able to get a hold of your immediate surroundings without having to glance at a wussy-looking rear view mirror on your bicycle. The Nike Hindsight functions in a similar manner as that of bifocals, save for the fact that this affects your peripheral vision instead thanks to fresnel lenses on both sides of the glasses. Sorta like playing Quake with a 205 field-of-vision. Since the human eye is only able to detect motion in the periphery area, the Nike Hindsight takes advantage of this fact just like how kung fu masters have this innate sense of someone sneaking up on them only to deliver a killer karate chop. Geeks would also find this useful as they surf for NSFW sites during office hours.

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