Nikon Media Port UP300x PMP Headphones

Nikon Media Port UP300x PMP Headphones

Just when you thought Nikon made nothing but cameras, along comes the Media Port UP300x headphones that support multimedia playback on a single device, coming in a headset form factor. Sounds pretty futuristic, eh? Well, I’ve got news for you buddy – it looks far out as well. The Media Port UP300x comes with a built-in motion sensor that provides hands-free operation, while the videos watch are simulated in a manner as though you were sitting right smack in front of a 50″ display. Other features include :-

  • 8GB flash memory

  • Wi-Fi b/g connectivity

  • USB port

  • Supports WMV9, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3, AAC and WMA9 formats

  • Internet capable

I’m not sure how comfortable you’d be watching video using just a single eye, but it will definitely be the most realistic Borg attachment to date.

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