Nintendo DS – Part Deux Coming?

Nintendo DS - Part Deux Coming?

There has been rumors in the past of a DS redesign, but a totally new DS from Nintendo is different from a hardware refresh. Word from Nikeei has it that there will be a new DS built from scratch that will hit “within the year”, but I’d take that claim with a really huge grai of salt. After all, news of this magnitude certainly can’t be kept under wraps for so long, and with a 1-year timeframe, it will surely be hard to release such new hardware. Apparently, this new DS will feature a camera that will be used in many games, while the wireless signal is much stronger compared to the current generation DS (802.11-n perhaps?). What sounds even more unbelievable is the device going up against cell phones with hardware that exceeds the game industry’s frame – a phone DS? Heck, the purported $189 price point is just too good to be true if the Big N can cram in all of the mentioned.

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