Nintendo DSi Announced

Revamped Nintendo DS Lite Confirmed, Announced

Guess the rumors concerning a new DS Lite are true – Nintendo’s Media Summit was the platform where Satoru Iwata unveiled the new Nintendo DSi, the direct successor to the DS Lite. It isn’t a new generation, as it will accept DS games in its Slot-1, but it will lose out the GBA cartridge slot. Makes me wonder how the DSi is going to handle various DS games that require the Slot-2 to work such as Guitar Hero: On Tour and the fancy paddle controller used in another title. Other improvements include :-

  • Larger 3.25″ displays

  • Reduction in size by 2.6mm (very minor – will see how it pans out in the end)

  • 3 megapixel camera

  • VGA camera

  • Music playback (no need for the R4, eh?)

  • On-board browser

  • WiiWare compatibility

  • DSiWare download service

Each DSi will come with 1,000 free Wii Points for you to get started. It will be available in Japan this November 1st for $180 or so – would be interesting to see it clean up the rest of the competition where weekly hardware sales are concerned then. You can choose from matte black and matte white colors, although you can bet your bottom Pokemon that those aren’t the only colors to be available in the near future! I think I just wet myself…

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