No Price Cuts For PS3

No Price Cuts For PS3

Sony is standing its ground and won’t be lowering its PS3 pricing structure for the rest of the year, which means folks holding out for a cheaper PS3 might as well go ahead and get your system now. This is surprising news, since the Wii is still relatively cheap at $250 (albeit with scarcity issues still plaguing it) while the Xbox 360 line has recently received a fresh round of price cuts that resulted in a sales surge. Sony will be relying on the strength of its games to see it through these difficult economic times, but judging by what they have to offer, I would say that is a pretty tall order to follow. After all, heavy hitters like Metal Gear Solid 4 have already come and gone without making a significant impact in terms of hardware sales. Which console are you picking up this Christmas, and why?

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