Now A Apple iPhone Encrusted With Diamond

This sensational mobile phone from Apple called iPhone attracted millions of buyers from around the world. Now it tried to do something different by bringing a Apple iPhone 3G which is made of 18 carat pure gold and which is encrusted with diamonds on it. Can you imagine such a device in your hands? And yes it has already laid claim to be the world’s most expensive phones to be ever made.

Diamonds are the way ahead now as we saw last time when 18 Carat Gold Shuffle was followed by the diamond version. Then the news of 24 carat iPhone was making rounds. This classic version is with 420 diamonds weighing 5.65 carats with yellow gold, sapphires embedded on it.

And for this marvel of iPhone one needs to lose the strings of his purse by about 1.6 million pound price tag, but its worth the millions that you spend on this unique piece if you want to leave a style statement behind for others to follow. This iPhone is encrusted with 138 brilliantly cut diamonds of some of the best in the world.

And this piece is designed by Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson who has a passion for this. And the most notable feature of this iPhone is the Kings Button or the home button which has a rare 6.6 carat diamond embedded on it. Just imagine the sparkle of the iPhone and get mesmerized.

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