The smallest man found in the Nepalese village

Chandra Bahadur Dungy, 72 year old from a remote Nepalese village, claims the title of the undersized man on the planet – its growth is only 56 cm in the near future, representatives of the Guinness World Records are going to meet with Chandra, to officially register his title. And Dungy is on the record yet, and by age: only a few owners of such small stature live up to his 72 years.

Great looking Steampunk guitar

An  Steampunk/Cyberpunk guitar has been designed that will not only plays great notes but also looks exceptionally different.

Here are some details :
Corroded treadplate front
Single Humbucker pick-up
On-board sonic amplifier and speaker
Cooling fan
Unsealed brass cog machineheads
Headphone and amp socket

The on-board amp takes 1 or 2 9-volt batteries and produces mild vintage distortion that cleans up with the volume control down.

This is a great show piece and one of a kind instrument.
It has a 24″ scale like the original Fender Mustang and is set up with .009 strings. Source

Solar Cell Phones Charging 101

From solar panels producing electricity for entire homes to solar cell phone chargers pushing cell phones to full charge, new innovations are constantly happening. Ten years ago, cell phones weren’t carried in pants pockets, especially because they were the size of old walkie-talkies that couldn’t fit comfortably inside pockets. House phones were the main form of communication, teenagers and young adults alike would address their new friends with a house phone number to call, not a cell phone. However, times have changed, and fast. Cell phone numbers are in the countless millions, and that is where solar cell phone chargers come into the picture.


The solar cell phone charger works almost identical to other solar devices. The sunlight produces energy that is absorbed by solar devices. These devices then transfer the energy that has been made to the receiving end, whether it is a cell phone, home, or small electronic devices. From mobile solar chargers to huge solar panels, the difference is in the size and reason for using.

Along with preserving the environment, saving money on energy costs is a common reason for purchasing solar cell phone chargers. Although the cost to charge a cell phone through a wall outlet is not expensive, over the course of an entire year, the cost can add up. However, the cost to charge a standard cell phone, if the charger is only plugged in while being used, is normally less than a penny. That is calculating anywhere from two to three hours of charge time. But, if that cell phone charger is plugged in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the costs start to pile up. By using a solar cell phone charger, insurance that money will not be wasted can be accomplished.

The Solio Classic is a solar cell phone charger of high quality and excellent results. This device uses the sun as well as electricity to produce energy. For the average cell phone, every hour of sunshine equates 20 minutes of talk time. Another benefit to this product is that it can power other devices and lasts one full year.

Certain solar cell phone chargers produce energy at a pathetic rate, sometimes taking up to 28 hours to fully charge a cell phone. These ridiculous numbers and high costs of solar cell phone chargers turn into waste, because nobody wants to invest into a useless product. On the other hand, there are great solar cell phone chargers that produce little to zero waste due to people wanting to invest in the device because it is effective. Ultimately, solar cell phone chargers are a great invention and will be around for a long time, constantly receiving improvements and becoming more valuable to own.

About the Author

Valery Bowen writes for a non commercial blog focused on his energy efficient story to help people understand how and why they should save energy starting from small devices. He writes on Solar Chargers for Cell Phones to help people learn how to start save energy (and CO2 emissions) from the scratch and then apply those experience to the next level.