Unique and Beautiful Sand Sculpture Arts Festival in 2009

Sand sculptures Arts are created during preparations for the FIESA 2009 International Beautiful Sand sculptures Arts.


Creation … a man works on a sand sculpture during preparations for the FIESA 2009 International Sand Sculpture Festival in Pera, Southern US.
Giant Beautiful Sand Sculpture Arts Festival in 2009Group effort … an international team of 60 sculptors will turn 35,000 tons of sand into sculptures spread over 15,000 square metres for the festival.
Giant sculpture of a planeBeautiful … a sculpture of a plane.
sculptor works on a sand sculpture of The ThinkerPondering … a sculptor works on a sand sculpture of “The Thinker”.
a man works on a sand sculpture of a primateMassive … a man works on a sand sculpture of a primate.
Digging deep Sand SculptureDigging deep … working on the sculptures.
Swirl the detail is incredibleSwirl … the detail is incredible .
Beautiful Effort sculpting is hard workEffort … sculpting is hard work.
Precision fine detail is prominentPrecision … fine detail is prominent..

Work of art the sculpturesWork of art … the sculptures .

SpacePilot Pro Mouse

Since the advent of computers, more and more companies are opening up with new hardware upgrades comparing to the traditional ones. Even simple things like mouse and keyboards are having new designs, 3D models and who knows what. The price ranges from about 20 bucks apiece over to about 600 bucks, with increased functionality.


Would you think that there would be a mouse out there, which would have its own LCD screen? Well there is one, by 3Dconnexion. The mouse’s name is SpacePilot Pro, and it has a LCD screen, lots and lots of buttons, ranging from buttons for various isometric views to navigation settings. If even that wasn’t enough, there are more buttons for various applications, including an applet for checking out your mail on MS Outlook.

One drawback of this device is that it doesn’t come with drivers for the popular Mac. However, it has drivers for Windows XP and Vista, Solaris 8 and 10, and Linux. This mouse is available in the market now, for a price of $499. You might think it’s a bit high, but you should look at what it has to offer. Following are some features of 3Dconnexion’s Space Pilot pro which will determine it’s worth and abilities:


Ø The key feature is the smooth 3D navigation, thanks to the patented six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) sensor. This sensor has 4 times the precision of the previous sensors, and has the capability to detect input as small as 4 micrometers.

Ø The Cap on it has the function of panning, zooming and rotating. It practically feels like stretching your hand in the screen itself, and holding the model in your hand.

Ø The QuickView Navigation Keys allow the user to have one-touch access to 32 standard views, enabling the power of viewing the model from any angle.

Ø The 90-degree rotation key rotates the view by 90 degrees.

Ø It has Two Isometric Views, ISO1 showing the model with the top/front/right sides facing the front and ISO2 showing the model with the top/back/left sides facing front.

Ø The LCD screen, provides visual feedback on all the function keys, so that you can have quick access to important information without interrupting the work user is already doing.

Another feature of this mouse is the mini applets that run on your computer and display on the LCD. So you have increased functionality with the mini application, which ranges from office functionality tools to feedback on the key assignment functions. The following applets are supported and installed on the mouse by default:

Ø Function Keys,

Ø Outlook® Mail,

Ø Outlook® Calendar,

Ø Outlook® Tasks,

Ø RSS Feeds.

The Kindle 2 device from Amazon

The Kindle 2 device from Amazon, which was first launched in late February of this year, is roughly selling at almost double rates then the first generation device launched on by the same company. This news was sent on by a source close to the Amazon itself, and therefore cannot be neglected. On an approximate level, about 300,000 of the devices have been shipped already, and this gives us an important reason to believe that Amazon has already generated revenue of $100 million from the device, which is $359 a piece.


The predecessor of Kindle 2 sold about 400,000 devices, and Amazon plans on this figure being double for Kindle 2 in the year 2009 alone.

So what is actually this hot selling device? Well if you are in for reading books, you will be thrilled. Let me give you an overview of what the device actually is, and what it does.


Amazon’s Kindle 2 is actually a mobile eBook reader. It was first made available to the general public on February 9, 2009. This device is actually an update to the previous Amazon Kindle with some additional features. Following are some of its major and important features:


  • It weighs 10.2 oz
  • It has 7 times the storage capacity comparing to its predecessor
  • It has a built-in 3 speeds text-to-speech feature
  • It has the tendency to turn pages 20% faster then its predecessor

· 25% extra battery life then the previous version

· Utilizes 3G technology for internet, so don’t have to rely on getting a hotspot to actually download books

· Kindle 2 has a new feature added, the additional feature is called “Whisper sync bookmarking” to help its users pick up their book right where they left off, even if they shift to other devices.

· This device also has a high resolution display technology known as electronic paper, in which the display is black and white, and really crystal clear and crisp. This crystal clear display assures you that the reading format will be clear and easily readable.

Keeping in mind all the new tweaking that Amazon did to its portable book reader, there is simply no wonder as to which Amazon is making so much sales and profits from the sale of the device. Kindle 2 is really more technologically advanced, making it a far better choice then its predecessor, so it is really an irresistible device for any one who is familiar with kindle device.

Amazing the Zanzibar Islands

The Zanzibar Islands is still called the “Spice Islands” by most travelers today. Presently, it is part of the East African republic of Tanzania facing the Indian Ocean. It consists of numerous small, uninhabited islands, and two large islands named Unguja and Pembar. The Zanzibar Islands attract tourists from all over the globe because of its rich cultural and historical background.Find more Hidden travel places .


Its capital, the Zanzibar City, sits at one of the larger islands named Unguja. Recently, the Stone Town, which is in the capital, received global recognition and was pegged as a World heritage Site.

So, does it still have spice?

As a matter of fact one of the leading industries in Zanzibar or Spice Islands is spice exports. It’s still one of the leading producers of cloves, nutmeg, pepper, and cinnamon. Aside from tourism, Zanzibar Island also reaps significant income from Raffia Palm plantations. Acres and acres of land in the Zanzibar Islands are used to grow these native palms. Parts of these palms are used for textile and construction—other areas that fuel the growth of the Spice Islands.

What does Zanzibar mean?

“Zanzibar” came from the Persian word “Zangibar” which literally translates to “Coast of the Blacks”. The Islands enjoyed trade in the past with Arabs and Persians, among other peoples, and because they’re an African country, they were identified by their skin color.

Eye candy, anyone?

Anyone visiting Zanzibar Islands will notice the rich edifices that blend with the palm trees. Aside from miles and miles of coastlines, which is already expected of any archipelago, Zanzibar Islands also boast of circular towers, beautiful mosques, and raised terraces. You spot Arab and Persian influences in the building’s structures as you walk the streets of the capital. You should visit the Livingstone house, the Guliani Bridge, and the famous House of Wonders. If you’re interested in Persian baths or “hammam”, you will also find a lot of these in the town of Kidichi.


The people of Zanzibar Islands are a largely Sunni Muslim community. This is another sign of the strong Arab and Persian influences that remained in the islands. Travelers need not worry about too many restrictions in food and clothing, however. The Zanzibar Islands are one of the finest tourist destinations in the world because of its beaches and cultural heritage. It’s a comparatively liberal country compared to other Islam nations worldwide.Source : The Zanzibar Islands