Palm Pre: A Unique Designed Smartphone

Palm Inc. has recently announced the launch of Palm Pre it’s new generation PDA / Mobile/ Smartphone with high end functionalities like 3G, Camera, Multimedia capabilities and Wi-Fi besides such a unique design. This announcement was awaited since long in USA and other countries with a lot of Palm fans curious about it being completely based on a new Linux based platform Web OS, which also belongs to Palm. It was unveiled by Palm Inc. in the CES 2009 (Consumer Electronics Show) and is supposed to hit the stores after 2-3 months, as per information from Palm Inc. insiders. Sprint’ll be marketing and selling it in USA and hence it may need you to purchase some Sprint plan for data and calls. Like we know AT&T charged double amount of the actual call charges for call made from the IPhone as Apple and AT&T had such a tie-up.

The curvy design of the Palm Pre is simply rocking and again its multi touch screen of 3.1 inch makes it awesome. (Just look at the style and design it’s one of the best as you can check in the image here in this page) The HVGA display is of 24 bit colour and resolution is of 320X480 px. There is a slider keyboard with keys being brilliantly poised. In directly the efficient design makes it too handy and easy to use n operate. Some of the pre-included applications include Outlook Express with Microsoft Direct Push Technology for email, others for SMS IM etc ad browsing which you have with any normal mobile phone. Besides it has support for GPS and the 3 mega pixel camera with Flash (LED) is competitive. The Plam Pre is also one of the quality portable media players with support for a variety of file formats of Audio, Video and Images. Mp3, AAC, AMR and WAV audio/music files are supported while the primary video format is MPEG 4. Coming to wireless connectivity, the Palm Pre has support for both Wi-Fi 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.1 connections. Using Bluetooth, you can use the Pre as modem connecting to Bluetooth enabled laptops. Palm Pre will come with internal flash memory of 8GB (i.e. 8GB of storage) out of which about 500 MB’ll not be available to users, but never forget that USB mass storage devices are also supported. The Micro USB connector cable will be helpful to send your favourite multimedia and other files to the PDA/Mobile and the 3.5mm headphone jack is handy. The Pre will be completely based on Palm’s new platform but the inbuilt applications like web browser, Datebook etc from the previous version of Palm OS would be retained in the Pre and it’ operating system/platform – the Web OS.

Palm Pre will be consisting of some of the innovative features those are believed to give it a good show in a market already captured by Apple IPhone and Nokia 5800 but it’s not for the multimedia only stuffs like those two devices. Instead this can be considered as a highly efficient Smartphone with lot of utilities (for enterprise and individuals).

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