Pomera Digital Memo DM10

Pomera Digital Memo DM10

If you’re one who tends to take plenty of notes, then the Pomera Digital Memo DM10 looks like the perfect device for you. It comes with a full-size folding keyboard for you to get your notes down quickly, and with a 2-second startup, you’ll be able to start writing in a snap. The 20-hour battery life is also great for the entire day’s tasks if you work 100-hour weeks, while a 4″ VGA display ought to be sufficient to view all the notes you’ve taken down. This device also comes with a microSD memory card slot that helps augment your storage options. No idea if the Pomera Digital Memo DM10 is worth $269 though, since you can get a simple 8.9″ netbook for another $30 or so.

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