PS3 Gets SSD Upgrade

PS3 Gets SSD Upgrade

Only if you’re willing to void your warranty and want to take a chance by performing this delicate operation yourself. Forget about replacing your PS3’s hard drive with a larger capacity model, as you can now remove the former while installing a new Intel 2.5″ SATA 80GB X25-M (read our review) solid state drive. As usual, you will need to format it in FAT32, and logically speaking one ought to experience superior install times, game start times and load times compared to the hard drive-based PS3. Too bad you might want to think twice about performing this upgrade since the SSD itself will cost approximately $600, which could net you one more 80GB PS3 with a couple hundred bucks to spare. Obviously, the question is: what’s the point in adding such a fast drive, in a device where no-one complains about disk performance?

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