PSP And PS3 Gets Updates

PSP And PS3 Gets Updates

The PSP will be receiving a v5.00 update, while the PS3 will feature a v2.50 update. Nothing major or groundbreaking in either updates, but they do represent small steps forward. The PSP v5.00 will include the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB, allowing you to access the PlayStation Store from your PSP directly without having to hook up via the PS3. As for the PS3 v2.50 update, you will find integrated support for the PS3 Official Bluetooth Headset, activation of High-Quality (HQ) mode for clear and wide-band online voice chat, and an on-screen indicator that depicts current battery life, volume level and use of HQ mode. PlayStation Trophies has also been improved in terms of its interface, making it easier to share and update your trophies with your buddies. Other minor improvements include fried status, scene search for video, redeem codes option for the PlayStation Store, background downloading support, in-game screenshots and power save settings.

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