Rubik’s cube – Difficulty defied by spherical Bolaris-ball

When I was a kid, I often struggled solving the rubik’s cube, and it hasn’t changed much – I still can’t solve one. If we have people like Hannu Hjerppe, a Finnish designer, it would be until eternity when I’ll be able to solve any. If you unlike me were a master solving the confusing cube or if you were one useless fellow like me – then we have another confusion sent our way. Hannu has transformed the mere symbolic shape of the game into a sphere. Bolaris-ball has 17 independently moving and one blank space in which pieces move, the ball also houses a patented steering and locking mechanism to see that the other cuts remain stationed when one moves. To make the solution even stiffer, the spherical Bolaris-ball, manufactured at the Blades Ltd’s knife factory, includes four different levels of difficulty. So are you witty ones game, coz I know the ones like me are already shying – just as me!

Via: Tekniikkatalous

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