Rumor: Best Buy Listings For New Netbooks

Best Buy Listings For New Netbooks

The printout you see here is one of a few that depict new SKUs in Best Buy’s inventory for MacBooks that will roll out tomorrow. Colors were used in lieu of codenames, while dimensions and stock dates are placeholders. Interestingly enough, the prices remained the same as the current lineup. Does this mean there won’t be an $800 MacBook?

  • GREEN = $1,999.99 – 15″ MacBook Pro base model

  • PURPLE = $2,799.99 – 17″ MacBook Pro base model
  • YELLOW = $1,499.99 – 13″ MacBook top end model

  • BLUE = $2,499.99 – 15″ MacBook Pro mid model
  • ORANGE = $1,299.99 – 13″ MacBook mid model

  • RED = $1,099.99 – 13″ MacBook base model

All I can say is, just wait for October 14th for the real deal to end all speculation.

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