Samsung Epix i907 Unboxed

Samsung Epix i907 Unboxed

BGR has gotten their hands on the Samsung Epix i907, and here’s their two cents on it. We just got our grubby mitts on that much-debated Samsung Epix i907 and boy… it’s thick! Counting out the AT&T Tilt, this is probably the thickest phone in their line-up. Now, you do get Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional with a touch screen with Haptic feedback, a QWERTY ‘board, optical mouse, 850MHz/1900MHz/2100MHz HSDPA and GPS. So, for some, that might be enough of a reason to overlook the beast-like form of the Samsung Epix. We’re highly disappointed with the screen in general as it looks extremely dated and pixelated — much like the Samsung Omnia. They haven’t had too much time to put the Epix i907 through the paces, but so far the initial experience isn’t too favorable for the final verdict.

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