Samsung Expands Notebook Range In US

Samsung Expands Notebook Range In US

Samsung will make a splash in the Norht American notebook market with five different lines, ranging from a 10″ netbook all the way to a 16″ multimedia heavyweight. The five lines consist of Premium Thin & Light, All Purpose, Business, Desktop Replacement, and Netbook segments. For netbook lovers, the NC10 will definitely put up a fight against the Eee PC thanks to its 6-clel battery, a 160GB hard drive and 10.2″ widescreen display, keeping under the $500 price point. As for the workman-like Q310, this all-purpose laptop won’t venture beyond the $1,299 price point. Folks who want a desktop replacement machine can look towards the R610 that comes with a 16″ display with a 16:9 aspect ratio for widescreen movies. For those who treasure mobility above all else, there is the X360 and X460 which are super thin and will start from $1,599 upwards. More competition like this is good for the industry since nobody will take customers for granted and rest on their laurels.

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