Samsung Korea Releases New Projectors

Samsung Korea Releases New Projectors

Koreans have it good when it comes to consumer electronics as well, this time round with Samsung’s latest trio of projectors in the form of the SP-A900, SP-D400 and SP-L300. The SP-A900 targets hardcore high definition video fans featuring full HD resolution support, a contrast ratio of 12,000:1, 1,000 lumens and HDMI connectivity. As for the SP-D400, this model has a reduced contrast ratio (relatively) of 3,000:1, 4,000 lumens and HDMI connectivity. Last but not least is the SP-L300 that is a 3LCD data projector that offers 3,000 lumens with no word on whether this is a full HD model or not, although it comes with a HDMI connector and a pair of 3W speakers. No word on individual pricing though.

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