Silverstone Raven Gaming Mouse Now Out

Silverstone Raven Gaming Mouse Now Out

This is new – a gaming mouse from a non-traditional gaming peripheral company. The Silverstone Raven gaming mouse won’t have the highest sensitivity around, but I still don’t see the point of using anything higher than 3,200 DPI at this point in time (the Razer Lachesis can hit 4,000 DPI in case you’re wondering), capable of switching down to just 400 DPI when the situation calls for it. Like most other dedicated gaming mice in the market, the Silverstone Raven is connected via USB and has on-the-fly DPI switching thanks to a rotating thumb button. It comes encased in a mixture of shiny black plastic and carbon fiber, boasting 11 programmable buttons in total. One the Raven itself lies a 128 x 32 resolution OLED display that shows the current DPI resolution.

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