Solar-powered GPS Cow Hat Shocks

Solar-powered GPS Cow Hat Shocks

I thought that cows normally produced leather for fashion purposes, but this time round, it is our bovine friends’ turn to get a little fashion action. The solar-powered GPS cow hat theoretically allows someone to herd cattle remotely, thanks to the joint efforts between MIT and the Department of agriculture. The GPS unit which is located on top of the cow’s head in the form of a hat will relay all relevant information to a central server at the ranch, and if the cow decides to leave a pre-determined perimeter, music will play via the hat’s integrated speaker so that the cow is gently nudged back to where it is supposed to be. Just in case it exhibits a stubborn streak, an electric shock should do the trick. What kind of music does it take to get a cow moving? I wonder if there is such a thing for kids…

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