SpacePilot Pro Mouse

Since the advent of computers, more and more companies are opening up with new hardware upgrades comparing to the traditional ones. Even simple things like mouse and keyboards are having new designs, 3D models and who knows what. The price ranges from about 20 bucks apiece over to about 600 bucks, with increased functionality.


Would you think that there would be a mouse out there, which would have its own LCD screen? Well there is one, by 3Dconnexion. The mouse’s name is SpacePilot Pro, and it has a LCD screen, lots and lots of buttons, ranging from buttons for various isometric views to navigation settings. If even that wasn’t enough, there are more buttons for various applications, including an applet for checking out your mail on MS Outlook.

One drawback of this device is that it doesn’t come with drivers for the popular Mac. However, it has drivers for Windows XP and Vista, Solaris 8 and 10, and Linux. This mouse is available in the market now, for a price of $499. You might think it’s a bit high, but you should look at what it has to offer. Following are some features of 3Dconnexion’s Space Pilot pro which will determine it’s worth and abilities:


Ø The key feature is the smooth 3D navigation, thanks to the patented six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) sensor. This sensor has 4 times the precision of the previous sensors, and has the capability to detect input as small as 4 micrometers.

Ø The Cap on it has the function of panning, zooming and rotating. It practically feels like stretching your hand in the screen itself, and holding the model in your hand.

Ø The QuickView Navigation Keys allow the user to have one-touch access to 32 standard views, enabling the power of viewing the model from any angle.

Ø The 90-degree rotation key rotates the view by 90 degrees.

Ø It has Two Isometric Views, ISO1 showing the model with the top/front/right sides facing the front and ISO2 showing the model with the top/back/left sides facing front.

Ø The LCD screen, provides visual feedback on all the function keys, so that you can have quick access to important information without interrupting the work user is already doing.

Another feature of this mouse is the mini applets that run on your computer and display on the LCD. So you have increased functionality with the mini application, which ranges from office functionality tools to feedback on the key assignment functions. The following applets are supported and installed on the mouse by default:

Ø Function Keys,

Ø Outlook® Mail,

Ø Outlook® Calendar,

Ø Outlook® Tasks,

Ø RSS Feeds.

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