Synaptics adds new gestures to its multi-touch pads (laptops)

Synaptics adds new gestures to its multi-touch pads (laptops)

You might have been using Synaptics‘ touch sensing technology without knowing it: the company sells its laptop touchpads to clients like Voodoo (HP), Sony and many more. Many users do not suspect that their new-generation Touchpad might be multi-touch capable. For instance, with its driver, Synaptics lets users zoom in and out by using two fingers just like the iPhone (in select applications). Granted, it works only on the most recent models, but it’s worth checking out. Today, Synaptics adds new gestures (link to Youtube): 

  • ChiralRotate lets users move one finger in a circular motion to rotate images and graphics within applications, quickly and easily.
  • Two-Finger Flick enables users, depending on the application, to either use two fingers to flick horizontally to navigate back-and-forth through images, documents and objects, or to flick vertically to minimize and maximize an application.

Now, we need is larger touchpads because a few extra square inches makes a *huge* difference in user experience. If you didn’t know, Synaptics is also behind the touch-displays of many Samsung and LG phones.

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