T-Mobile To Offer MOTOACTV W450 Phone

T-Mobile To Offer MOTOACTV W450 Phone

As its name suggests, the MOTOACTV W450 clamshell handset is one rugged phone that targets those who love living a rough-and-tumble life with their handset being able to keep up with the frantic pace. Also known as the Motorola Active, the W450 comes with a rubber-like surface that gives even people with clammy fingers more grip, and a built-in location that lets you clip the handset to your belt, making sure it is there when you need it always. Other features aren’t anything to shout about though, and they comprise of :-

  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • microSD memory card slot
  • Media playback capability

You can pick up the MOTOACTV W450 for a mere $29.99 assuming you tie your soul to T-Mobile for a couple of years.

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