The name of this device may sound familiar to you, but it’s only due to the reason that this handset was released out by T-Mobile last year too, and it was simply labeled as Sidekick. This year, following the success of Sidekick last year, that carrier is again bringing in the same brand name, but it is totally changing up on the hardware.

Basically, Sidekick LX contains some additional features as well as some modifications and up-gradations. Following are the specification of T-Mobile’s Sidekick Lx:

  • GPS Navigation
  • 3G Data
  • 3.2 inch full widescreen VGA display
  • Integration with Facebook, twitter and MySpace
  • 3.2 MP Camera with LED flash
  • MicroSD expansion available (1 GB external memory card included)
  • Quad band EDGE

Release Date:

It will be available to the general public from May 13th 2009.


You will end up paying about $199.99 after rebate.

Other Information about the Product:

Any one of the Sidekick users by Motorola or Sharp is really in shock with the advent of this one in the market. They agree that this is by far the best Sidekick ever made, and it actually does look like semi-professional and very aspiring at the same time. It would be safe to say that every other sidekick looks like a toy in front of this one, when compared to design, materials and build quality of the whole product.

The timing of T-Mobile on this one was just perfect, because the new Twitter just came out, and T-Mobile launched a device with the full fledge twitter integration in it, because most of the users out there were searching for something with a little bit of twitter support in it too. Also, the Microsoft Live search and the GPS monitoring abilities of this device is completely outstanding, and therefore an ideal choice for many. The phone could be physically large for some, but you can’t say it’s impractical because of the amount of features included in it. Its display is really crystal clear and crisp, and it is better then any handset that have been used in the United States yet. The graphics are so perfect, that you can actually distinguish every visible pixel on there, and this really enables the user to get the most out of its Sidekick.

This is a major breakthrough for the trend setters of handsets that have been out in the market, and now one can be sure that more intriguing stuff is coming your way very shortly.

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