Mysterious Poisonous Snake Wine From Asian Countries

Have you ever heard of snake and Scorpion wine? Shocked beyond expectations, is it so? Well here we bring one such shocking piece of news to you all. This story is from the south east Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Laos Cambodia and sometimes in Japan and Korea etc. The process of preparation is as follows: a poisonous snake like cobra is put inside a glass which is filled with rice wine liquor.

And then some herbs etc are added to the bottle and then they are allowed to ferment for months. The venom of the snake gets dissolved in the wine and they are inactivated by the ethanol. So they are not dangerous for humans who consume them nicely.

Such snake wine drinks are common in these south east Asian countries and the best and famous snake wines are found in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand areas. So how was this story? You can also go ahead and enjoy the snake wine if you want.