Tinker Bell Gets WowWee FlyTech Technology

Tinker Bell Gets WowWee FlyTech Technology

The uber cute fairy, Tinker Bell from Disney, has finally gotten herself a set of wings powered by WowWee’s FlyTech technology. Tinker Bell is able to zoom around indoors in graceful flight patterns, doing justice to the work of the Wright brothers. You will have an equally dainty remote control in the form of a flower wand, letting you control the height and speed of Tinker Bell. Since she is made out of pixie dust – I jest, this model uses lightweight, crash-resistant materials, you won’t have to worry about flying her onto people’s heads and causing serious injury, although it is highly advisable not to steer her into anybody’s face. Thanks to dual-band intrared controls, up to two Tinker Bells can occupy the same area without any interference among each other. The FlyTech-enabled Tinker Bell will retail for $39.99 and is powered by a quartet of AA batteries.

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