Toshiba SCiB Battery Charges Fast

Toshiba SCiB Battery Charges Fast

Toshiba paraded a prototype of its new and fast-charging SCiB battery that targets laptops to great success, but the technology isn’t exactly available soon for its target market due to some complications. SCiB is short for Super Charge Ion Batteries, and are capable of recharging to 90% capacity within 10 minutes, and also outlasts standard lithium-ion batteries when it comes to recharge cycles. In addition, SCiBs are much safer since it doesn’t explode when crushed, thanks to the material within that helps maintain a higher level of thermal stability. Hurry up Toshiba, and bring SCiB technology to the mass market already. Wouldn’t you love to have a battery that can endure up to 6,000 recharge cycles instead of just 500 cycles that current batteries have?

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