trueCall Helps Filter Incoming Calls

trueCall Helps Filter Incoming Calls

A couple of Britons have got together to help manage your life when it comes to weeding out unwanted phone calls, resulting in the trueCall device. It is able to hold both whitelisted and blacklisted numbers, so anyone calling from the latter list will be rerouted to an automated message. Of course, this means you will have to update the list often in order to make sure all calls that need to get through to you pronto does so. As for unknown numbers, the trueCall device will require the caller to furnish either the name or number, hence letting you choose to pick up the call or not. Kinda pointless if your main mode of communications with other people is via the cell phone, but otherwise elderly folk who have no need for a cell phone but rely fully on a landline can opt for trueCall so that pesky phone salespeople won’t be bothering them any longer.

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