Twinned MP3 Player Is Needy

Twinned MP3 Player Is Needy

Designer Liberty Fearns has come up with the Twinned MP3 player that requires two devices to join up in order to function as a solitary unit. The moment you decide to break them apart, they can still function as standalone MP3 players, but the playlist in each of them will be identical to each other, forever. According to Liberty Fearns, “Twinned MP3 players which will play exactly the same music at any time. The unit must first be snapped in half in order to become functional, creating a formal ritual shared between two people. Music is uploaded to a shared online play list, which will only download new music when both MP3 players are in their docks, so that audio content always remains the same. Users build a soundtrack to their relationship, like a growing mixtape.” Sounds like something only couples would purchase if it ever was released.

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