Ubergizmo fans: free VentureWire Technology Showcase 08 pass!

free VentureWire Technology Showcase 08 pass!

Ubergizmo is media partner of VentureWire Technology Showcase 08, an emerging technology Dow Jones conference held in the Bay Area, Nov 18-19, 2008.

The Technology Showcase will present 125 start-ups from the U.S. and Europe, all vetted by VentureWire readers and Dow Jones editors as industry stand-outs in Advertising, business technologies, media, mobile applications, networking, Web and wireless. This conference is great for discovering new technologies and either find deal prospects, acquisition targets, business partners or competitors.

Panels of high profile industry experts like Walt Mossberg from the The Wall Street Journal, and top executives at Amazon.com, Nokia and Hewlett-Packard, among others, will discuss their perspectives on technology and the current investments trends. If you are interested in mixing and mingling for two days with the tech industry’s leading venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, executives, analysts from major firms like Bessemer Venture Partners, Cisco Systems, JP Morgan, Foundry Group, Google, please stop by our fan page where we will give away two passes. Read the rules after the jump.

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