Umbrella is personal speaker for music on the go

We keep distance from technology, but it doesn’t mean we avoid. When something unusual is unraveled by geeks, we are all eyes and ears to it. Umbrella was probably the last thing I imagined technology would influence. But ordinary is extraordinary, with this functional personal speaker system. Brainchild of Yusuke Kamiyama and Mai Tanaka, Oto-Shigure consists of an amplifier and motor attached to the outermost rim of the umbrella. Noise is music to ear for some, but most just dislike… with this ordinary looking Japanese umbrella, that’s anything but ordinary – attached music player will only play music for you, so no one around is disturbed. The umbrella is 3D sound space embedded which creates an aura so that the music is only heard underneath its circumference. Attach any music device to the hunky dory umbrella, and wonder about submerged in music all relaxed for $100 (provided the umbrella makes it beyond the prototype stage).

Via: Pinktentacle/Gizmowatch

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