Voice Changer – Play with words!


Play with words! This voice changer reminds me of my handkerchief, often used for making prank phone calls. They said, placing a handkerchief on the phone would change your voice, no facts behind this – I suppose it had more to do with personal skills. Anyway, I happen to make few effective inroads. The motive remains undisturbed, just the technology has changed – This $19 portable voice changer is an effective alternative. One advice, don’t call chicks with elder brothers. Oh, don’t ask ..that was one bad experience!


•Portable Voice Changer
•Adjustable volumn
•Adjustable Pitch (8 selections: 3 High, 3 Low, One Original and One Robot-like)
•Dimension: 6.0 x 9.0 x 2.5 cm
•Light weight: 55 gram


Via: GeekAlerts

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