Voix MPX&MPY iPod Speaker Dock Review

Voix MPX&MPY iPod Speaker Dock Review

Trusted Reviews have gotten their mitts on the Voix MPX&MPY iPod Speaker Dock, and here’s what they have to say about this strangely designed system.

The Voix MPX&MPY take a unique approach to iPod speaker dock design creating, potentially, the perfect all-in-one living room audio upgrade. However, they’re let down by one simple flaw that is simply untenable – and they could do with a fix for the iPhone problems as well!

Their main beef? The volume control which is just plain nuts – increasing it a notch will sound as though the volume has doubled, making this neighbor-unfriendly. Ditto for lowering the volume. Hopefully Voix will take note of this in future iterations.

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