Weather rocket explosion reveals the darker side of cloud seeding

Cloud seeding may have raised apprehensions like contamination, nuisance to environment, and what not; have you ever heard it may prove fatal physically? China became witness to such an incident where cloud seeding actually cost Wang Diange of Inner Mongolia his life. On his cremation itself, his cadaver exploded and the oven doors burst open. Initially, natural lightning was considered to be the proximate cause of death. Finally, this silver iodide ball explosion solved the mystery behind what happened in fact. It’s definitely a strange thing to have happened, but it’s true. In the light of what has happened, the question remains unanswered whether these weather rockets are safe or not? Mr. Wang’s family received 80,000 yuan (£8,000) in compensation from the weather bureau three years after the accident. So, it’s always better to take timely precautions, rather repenting later on.

Via: Gizmodo

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