Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Released

Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Released

Microsoft just rolled out a new embedded operating system known as Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (WES 2009) to x86-based devices to product manufacturers. What WES 2009 does is to merge both Windows XP codebase updates with new versions of Internet Explorer, RDP (remote desktop protocol), Windows Media Player, and .NET. Additional features of WEP 2009 include :-

  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Windows Media Player 11
  • Silverlight
  • .NET Framework 3.5 programming foundation
  • Remote Desktop Protocol version 6.1
  • “Componentized” drivers for Intel’s latest x86 processor architectures

It might not be based on Windows Vista code, but that doesn’t mean WES 2009 will be unable to keep up with new technologies according to a Microsoft executive. It is tipped that WES 2009 will ship in devices within a few weeks rather than months. You can download a trial version here.

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