Windows Mobile 7 Delay Longer Than Expected

Windows Mobile 7 Delay Longer Than Expected

We know that Windows Mobile 7 won’t be out on time as originally planned (how many devices/OSes are anyways), but word has it that the operating system has been delayed further – up till 2010, which leaves us with a 3-year gap between Windows Mobile 6 and its successor. That’s pretty good news for those who have just picked up a Windows Mobile 6 device, since you don’t need to upgrade your software to the latest version too soon, but others who have been rocking with WM6 since the start are going to dig in and be disappointed. Here’s some good news to offset the bad – Microsoft is working on releasing an Internet Explorer Mobile update in its interim upgrade, Windows Mobile 6.2, bringing full HTML support on a Windows Mobile device along with Flash and JavaScript support.

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