Woodstation Rolls Back The Years

Woodstation Rolls Back The Years

The Woodstation concept by Inovaxion looks like an ordinary block of wood at first glance, but upon closer inspection you will notice that this is a wooden clock and weather station, all rolled into one. The Woodstation has a movement sensor that detects your presence nearby, turning on the display automatically. You will be able to track fluctuations of barometric pressure, indoor relative temperature and indoor relative hygrometry data so that you will know what the weather is like outside anywhere from 12 to 24 hours from now. Clock functions include acting as an alarm clock to get you out of bed during the wee hours of the morning before another gruelling day at work begins. The Woodstation will be out in France within the month, so if you’re in the city of love any time then, it would be nice to check out the price tag for these.

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