World Most Luxurious Jail in Leoben Austria

World Most Luxurious Jail located in city of Leoben in Austria.

The Justizzentrum Leoben is a court and prison complex located in the quaint city of Leoben, Austria. From what I can tell, this has got to be the most luxurious prison on the planet. The complex houses about 200 prisoners in conditions that are far nicer than most law students’ living accomodations.

I think the prison is for low-risk offenders, since the maximum period of incarceration there is 18 months. On the other hand, the place is so nice that it probably encourages a high rate of re-offending!

In their spare time, the prisoners at the Justizzentrum Leoben can make use of the walking yard, the two fitness rooms, the table tennis facilities, or the multimedia room. Alternatively, they can enjoy some quiet time in the library or multifaith chapel.

In addition to the classy Ikea-inspired accommodations, the prisoners apparently get lengthy conjugal visits too! The translation of this article about the prison says:

Also a “long-term visit” is offered – whereby a prisoner can be maximally 24 hours long with partner or family in an area unimpaired – which already provided for hot discussions.

I can only assume that “hot discussions” is a euphemistic translation of “conjugal visit.” Since I can’t read German, I had to rely on Altavista’s (rather poor) translation of the prison’s wiki page for the details of this post. Please correct me if you are able to read German and notice any mistakes.

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